Lake Tekapo Astrophotography

Learn how to take your own photography of the night sky with Fraser Gunn Astrophotography

On this site I will introduce what you need to know to take your own basic star photos using a DSLR camera and camera lens, either just using a normal camera tripod to frame the ground and night sky, with or without, star trails or with a German Equitorial Mount, to track the motion of the stars and enable you to take long exposures without any star trails. Give you ideas on what you can do with your own camera, the settings required and introduce some of the equipment needed. Plus offer a night photography workshop where you can experience taking photos thou different telescopes made for Astrophotography or learn about wide angle astrophotoraphy of the Tekapo night sky using a timed exposure or time-lapse photography techniques

Star Trails | Timelapse Animations | Camera Noise | DSLR Camera Settings | Polar Alignment

Telescope photography workshops are run from my house in Tekapo village, which offers a good field of view of the best part of the sky to photograph, shelter from the wind and means I can pass on a huge saving to you. When you take a workshop with me you pay for the exclusive use of a telescope (no waiting in queues) and my time. Spaces are extremely limited so please check availablity. Timelapse animations can be taken at a large number of scenic spots close by to Tekapo, just let me know what you are after when you make a booking (as I may need to get landonwers permission in some cases)

Timelapse animation of the Aurora Australis from Tekapo New Zealand, for information about the aurora australis, what it is, models of when it will happen, and how to take a photograph of it please check
How to Photography the Aurora Australis | Other timelapse animations of the Aurora Australis

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